Heather A. Palmer, RN

Heather A. Palmer, RN 

Practice Manager

My journey has led me to the beautiful gift of being able to ignite a passion for wellness beyond just treating symptoms. I have been in healthcare since 2001, when I graduated with my degree in nursing. One of my mentors during my nursing program had said to me that I was a "diamond in the rough." This led me down a path of wondering in each moment whether I was a diamond shining OR rough edges? I realized quickly I was never satisfied with my knowledge base and constantly striving to learn more. After several years I found a hunger to further my profession, and by completing my master’s degree I could burn a little brighter as a Family Nurse Practitioner. The first several years in this new profession I was taking care of very sick patients with constant side effects from the drugs I prescribed to treat the symptoms of a deeper problem. This stirred a fire in my belly to search for treat that deeper root cause.  "The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." –Hippocrates
The lotus bud rises from the mire, ascending through the darkness to bloom beautifully in the warmth of the sun. Just like the lotus, we all possess an innate ability to rise from darkness and ignite into our world with beauty. 
Having been raised in the country of New York, with her early childhood on a farm, Heather has an inherent affinity for nature and its innate ability to heal the mind, body, heart, and spirit. After going through a long and difficult divorce that forced her to look closely at her current path, she felt the strong desire to return to school and complete her degree in healthcare. Her solid beliefs in a mind-body connection and to heal the whole person rather than just the symptoms our bodies reveal, have led her to a passion for Functional Medicine.
Helping to bring the Vision of Ignite Vitality to life, Heather is focused on keeping all aspects of Ignite Vitality running harmoniously while being continuously mindful of the expectations of our clients. Along with overseeing all daily aspects of office operations, she is also involved in direct client care by providing assistance and support with protocols and questions. As a licensed Registered Nurse, Heather brings Ignite Vitality hands-on patient care experience as well as her background in Office Management. Heather is also presently continuing her education towards her Master’s degree in Nursing with intent to specialize in Functional Medicine and to practice healthcare through a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness.
Central Piedmont Community College, Associates in Nursing, 2014


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