Holistic Nutrition

How does it work? 

Holistic Nutrition is nutritional system that is based on one's Biochemical Individuality. It is centered around eating anti-inflammatory whole foods, implementing lifestyle techniques, and stress management into your life. How does it work? It works by bringing the body back into balance by getting rid of what isn’t needed (allergens and toxins), adding in nutrients, reducing inflammation, modulating stress, enhancing sleep, exercise, digestion, and aiding detoxification.  

What can be treated?

Almost every human body can improve when the body is in balance, it is the foundation of health and healing.   

What should I expect? 

Expect to dig in and practice extreme self-care. Make time to cook and prepare food, and put yourself first right now during this time of healing   

What do I need to bring to the appointment (or prepare for)? 

Diet diary form and assessments done in patient portal, and willingness to make necessary changes. We will go as slow or as fast as you are ready, we meet every client where they are in their journey and offer as much hand holding as needed. 


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